Our Senior Service Engineers have comprehensive experience in installation, service and modification of equipment within the Oil & Gas industry with competence on drilling equipment and equipment related to drill floor and pipe handling.
We provide key personnel in most disciplines:

• Supervisors
• Service Engineers
• Discipline leaders
• Foreman
Our Senior Service Engineers have expertise in Manufacturing, Mechanical Completion, Commissioning and Operation:
• Assist in the planning phase
• Prepare and coordinate the various activities
• Monitor that the execution of mechanical work is carried out correctly in accordance with project specifications
QC of Installation
• Conduct Commissioning
• Coordinate human and technical resources
• Measure the progress of work performed
• Report
• Ensure Quality and HSE

All our Senior Personnel have experience from industry, shipyards and rigs.
They work independently and are happy to act as the customer's representative.


At Risør Engineering we aim to have employees with diverse background, expertise and experience, in order to satisfy our customers' needs. We have personnel with special expertise in mechanical and hydraulic systems, electrical and welding. Our Service Engineers perform inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement of components and equipment for the industrial, offshore and maritime sectors. Broad experience combined with formal expertise gives our employees a good starting point for solving our customers' needs and expectations. HSE and quality have always been priorities at Risør Engineering and for all our employees.


Risør Engineering operates deep-water quay at Krana in Risør The harbor is ISPS certified, it has a short sea approach, and is well sheltered from wind and waves. The harbor has a deep quay front and no tidal issues.

Risør Engineering has invested in Shore Power Supply. The system consists of a 1000KVA converter and several smaller mobile units that transform power to 440V / 690V-60Hz. The total capacity is approx 1800A, which allows for power supply to 5-6 vessels.

Risør Engineering offers:

• 24/7 Security Guard Service, inspection/supervision and service on vessels in storage. We install alarms, provide daily supervision and 24/7 security guard service - vessels do not require crew on board.
Risør Engineering assists with arrival, preparation for storage, service during storage and preparation for departure
• Shore power, 400V-50Hz and 440V/690V-60Hz
• Chief Engineer and storage routines for vessel storage
• Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services
• Fabrication services
• Repair services, replacement of wooden decks
• Storage and maintenance of offshore equipment for short or long periods

Risør Engineering have competitive prices and work systematically with cost control.
We are efficient, flexible and able to take on smaller or larger projects and services, with our own resources or in close collaboration with our partners.


Risør Engineering has senior personnel who can undertake tasks involving production follow-up and quality control of processes and deliveries for our customers. We have experience from production follow-up in Norway, Poland, Korea and China, on demanding projects for the Oil and Gas Industry. Main focus on drilling equipment packages, cranes and winches, as well as Subsea Connectors and structures. Our team of Service Engineers cover most disciplines, from structure and surface, to assembly and testing. We assemble the team required by the project to secure progress, quality and documentation.